When I saw burning of motorbikes in riots


Owais Bin Jahangir

Islamabad – Yesterday when I left for Rawalpindi from my home in Islamabad, there was a traffic jam at Rawal chowk. Roads towards Faizabad were blocked. I asked a young man having flags in his hand about the blocks. He replied “An Agent of Jews and three other so called Muslim judges have released Asia Bibi from death cell and we are protesting against them.”

I was shocked over his dangerous answer. The young boy was just 16 years old. So I parked my car near Dam area and started walking towards Faizabad interchange just to have a look at the protest.

When I reached at Faizabad interchange there was crowd chanting slogans against courts, army and Prime Minister. Then I saw some men’s bringing together bikes from footpaths to burn, that was the height of moment, the shocking moment.

In this situation I was wondering what a poor man who is having only one bike would do to pick and drops his children to school, to bring daily use food items etcetera. He might not be aware about Asia Bibi, the supreme court decision and her crime, but he is losing his only property.

On seeing all this this, I have a request to all the people protesting on the issue: for God sake, please don’t burn the property of poor, they are already very disturbed of increasing petrol prices, taxes and all other problems in country.

You can challenge this decision on higher forums, but just think for a moment where that old man can recover his only bike that was the only property of his family. Blasphemy is a very serious issue for every Muslim including the poor man who lost his motorbike. Every one is having same feeling for beloved prophet (PBUH). But we are blocking roads, burning public property, which is totally against the injunctions of beloved prophet (PBUH).



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