Those with a service tenure of just three years can’t decide nation’s fate: Zardari


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari questioned on Saturday as to how can someone, having a service tenure of just three years, reserve the right to make decisions for the nation.

Addressing his supporters in Hyderabad on Saturday, the veteran politician advised ‘national institutions’ to operate within their constitutional ambit. “A large number of cases are pending in the courts,” he said. “Those should be disposed off first.”

Zardari claimed that those who promised to arrange five million houses for the poor, had instead caused 0.5 million people to lose their jobs in the name of the ongoing drive against encroachment.

NAB has become a tool of puppet rulers: PPP

He went on to add, “these people have been brought as rulers, and thus cannot do anything except for devising the chicken and egg [economic] programme.”

The PPP leader said he can’t play cricket, but that he does know the art of politics. “I can feel the pain of the poor in the country,” he said. “We freed Swat from terrorists, forced [Gen] Musharraf to leave [the government], and turned Pakistan into a nuclear power.”

“It is our first priority to provide the masses with drinking water; we need to work today for our future and come up with new ways to generate water resources,” Zardari said and added that the entire province is facing a severe dearth of water.  — The Express Tribune



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