Reunion ceremony at FG School Peshawar


By Dr Rashid Iqbal,

Our school was inaugurated by General Ayub khan (Later, President of Pakistan) on 23rd May 1952.

This marble plaque is still present in the junior section. Some of the initial Principals and staff members were British or Anglo – Sexos. The school had a typical ambiance and look and grace of an English Medium School. The decorum, the layout, the manners, the curriculum, the discipline and bearing was of English aristocracy.

The Principals like Mr. Makhdumi, Mr. Z A Qazi and Hamdani were all foreign qualified. Mr. Z A Qazi was a Professor at Cambridge University for 10 years. They created many world class pupils.

The current President of World Pediatric Association Prof. Dr. Zulfikar Ahmad Bhutta, Ex Ambassador to India Mr. Basit. Cardiovascular Surgeon Shahkar Ahmad Shah, Cardiologist Iqbal Saifullah, Gastroenterology Javed Aslam Butt, Mr. Khalid Usman, Chartered Accountant and Office Bearer in Toronto County. Mr. Zia Qureshi has big Chartered Accountant Firm and showing his leadership in Canberra, Australia.

He is the brother of my class fellow Lala Rukh in Public School. Major General Dr. Waqar Ahmad Khan, who was Deputy Surgeon General and myself. Professor and Chairman of Community Health Sciences in Rehman Medical College (RMI). I have done Double Masters in Public Health and Tropical Medicine from USA and a Degree in Communication Skills from Australia.

Today’s Re – Union was to re – unite with our seniors and contemporaries and revive the spirit academic excellence with grace and elegance. To uphold the moto of our school. ” Enter to Learn – Learn to Serve “.

The author is professor of community medicine Rehman Medical College




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