Reformist Australian Imam claims Pakistani cleric issued death fatwa against him


Mohammad Tawhidi, a peace activist and reformist Imam based in Australia, has claimed that a Pakistani preacher issued a fatwa calling for him to be killed.

Sharing pictures of the facebook post in which a Mufti Ahmed Raza Sialvi apparently issued a fatwa for his death, Tawhidi said that he was putting his activities and travel plans on hold for the time being.

‘Yesterday, a death Fatwa was issued against me by Mufti Sialvi of Pakistan,’ his tweet read.

‘First, I thank the officials who contacted me expressing their concerns and support. I’ve put all future meetings and events on hold until further notice. I’ll come out of this much stronger,’ he said.

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The ‘fatwa’ seems to be in regard to Tawhidi’s upcoming book titled ‘The Traged

Other than the pictures, no link to the facebook post was provided by Tawhidi nor has one been found since then, and has seemingly been deleted. However, the facebook account belonging to a Mufti Ahmed Raza Sialvi that Tawhidi claims sent out the fatwa does exist.

The Australian reformist has also claimed that Sialvi is somehow linked to the Pakistan Army. Tweeting pictures of Sialvi standing in front of fighter jets with men in military fatigues standing in the background, Tawhidi claimed they were proof of the link.

“These are the terrorists that arranged and issued the death Fatwa against me. As you can see they are affiliated with Pakistan army and airforce” he tweeted. — Pakistan Today



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