KIU VC forms committee to probe “dance” event


Gilgit – After much hullabaloo by certain groups and students over a musical programme at a private hotel in Gilgit, Karakoram International University (KIU) Vice-Chancellor Attaullah Shah has formed a three-member committee to ascertain how the university girls and boys made their way to the much “diabolical, vile and morally bad” gig.

Interestingly, a large number of KIU students also staged a protest demonstration on the university campus on Thursday demanding to expel the university students, who had participated in the musical programme hosted by TV anchor Sanam Baloch at a private hotel in Gilgit.

Soon after the musical programme and the swirling dance of the students and other locals went viral on the social media, vigilante groups including a section of religious groups took exception to the event, aiming their guns at the university administration for their alleged “negligence” in failing to rein in the sneaky students, who, according to them, not only “tarnished the image of the region but also disregarded the sanctity of Muharram”.

After the pressure groups and students targetted the university administration for its “downright failure” to restrict the students to the campus during official hours, the vice-chancellor, during a meeting with the protesting, agreed to form the committee to probe the whole episode to ascertain if any of the university officials was behind the “anathematic act” of sending the students to the programme — many termed “a mixed event to promote immorality, debauchery and unchastity.

KIU Deputy Director Public Relations Shahid Ahmed Shigri told The Punch that the committee has only been formed to ascertain if the students were permitted by the university officials or they attended the musical programme in a personal capacity. He said that after the event, certain quarters directed a barrage of criticism was at the KIU administration, holding it responsible for the “gaffe”. He said that most of the critics were of the view that the programme happened during the month of Muharram and “it also did not reflect the cultural ethos and values of the region”.

He, however, made it clear that the constitution of the committee aimed at ascertaining the possible involvement of the university officials in sending the students to the musical concert. “We want to clear ourselves of the whole hubbub and if the students had made their way to the programme in the personal capacity, no action will be taken against them as the university administration cannot carry out surveillance of every student,” he said.

When asked if the musical programme was banned at the KIU, he answered in negation, saying “mixed” dancing was banned at the university”.

In major universities across the globe, opportunities are available to students in various disciplines of performance, often embedded within degree programmes. They may take part to gain professional experience or simply for enjoyment.

In foreign universities, experienced faculty in the field of music or dance is dedicated to creating a supportive learning environment that will allow each student to thrive artistically. Students and faculty are bound together as a community of learners who continually seek knowledge, experience and creative expression within a department that, though two distinct artistic disciplines, finds common unity in the higher pursuit of education and artistry. – Courtesy:




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