Girls from Chipurson valley win medals for the country


Sohail Maimoon

GILGIT – The journey from the farthest mountainous in Chipursan Valley to Special Olympics means a dream come true. This tells us how the region of G-B has got the potential that goes into waste due to dearth of opportunities.

Farzana Rehmat a 15-year-old athlete from Chipusan Valley, Gojal, District Hunza, had got the same dream as she left home to participate in the event. The dream came to reality as she won the first Gold medal in short put competition, other Gold medal in long jump and third Gold medal in 400 meters race bringing pride and honour to Pakistan as well as to Gilgit Baltistan.

On the other hand the elder sister of Farzana, Najeeba won team Gold in basketball. The other athlete Sabina won silver medal in the 400 meters race. These athletes belong to the Chipursan valley. These athletes have worked hard to make their way to the special Olympics Abu Dhabi coming from the backward area it’s really hard to get into the Olympics representing a nation and bring pride to a nation. Team Pakistan has so far won 62 Medals in total, includin18 Gold, 27 Silver and 17 Bronze among those Medals 4 Gold and one silver medals are won by the daughters of Hunza.

The Government of Pakistan and specifically the Government of Gilgit Baltistan needs to take attention towards these athlete, while supporting them financially and opening such an institute for these special Olympians where they can demonstrate their potentials in training other special people of the area to participate in such events in coming future. This is undeniable fact that the Gilgit Baltistan is having potential in every field, whether it’s education or sports.

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