G-B Students at IIU organize farewell party for outgoing students


ISLAMABAD – Gilgit-Baltistan Students Council of International Islamic University Islamabad on Friday organized a farewell party in the honour of out-going senior students who have recently completed their degrees from different departments of university.
Scores of students, staffs member and faculty member of the university, hailing from G-B, attended the ceremony.

Speaking on this occasion, Assistant Professor of Psychology department Basharat Hussain said that there was no dearth of talents among the students of GB, but owing to the lack of guidance they have to face different problems.
“What I have achieved today should be achieved some year ago, because I remained confuse due to the non-availability of proper guidance. Now, we have lots of senior students in every field of studies and you can easily engage them for your guidance,” he said. Basharat stressed to the students to deeply focus on studies. He also highlighted the importance of Gilgit-Baltistan in multiple-dimension by watching the scope.
Describing the importance of knowledge, Assistant Director of Information Technology Abdul Hameed said that knowledge is the light and Allah Almighty has promised by that it will come to those people who want to seek the knowledge. Hameed further went to say that GB’s Students were studying in over 45 departments in IIUI, however, presently there are only 5 reserved seat for the student of Gilgit-Baltistan which is equal to the salt in flour. He further said that we should get out from our traditional culture to compete in the age of technology. He also expressed his pleasure over maximum participation of students in the ceremony saying that now the time has come to work jointly for Gilgit-Baltistan.
Addressing to the participant, erstwhile student of IIUI, Kamran Bonjovi said that our the underlying reason of deprivation of fundamental right was the lack of political awareness. He added that we should enter in different student organization but our primary focus should be on studies.
Earlier, General Secretary GBSC-IIUI Minhas welcomed the senior students and guests, while former chairman Maqsood Alam, Current Chairman Awais Janu, Najmuddin , Aqib Meer, Haider Abbas and other also spoke on the occasion.

Published in The Gilgit on Friday



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