Declaration by All-Party conference organised by PPP over constitutional status of G-B


GILGIT (PR) – PPP Gilgit organised an all party conference to forge consensus over constitutional status for G-B. Here is the text received by The Gilgit:

Multi Party Conference dated Dec 16 2018

Multi Party Conference regarding Status of Gilgit Baltistan organized by PPP Gilgit-Baltistan held on Dec 16 2018 at Gilgit.

The Conference was participated by the representatives of PPP, PML N, JUI, Tenzeem ahl e Sunnat, Imamia Council, GB Bar Council and G.B Bar association.

The Conference Unanimously Declares as Follows

1. Gilgit Baltistan Being Disputed part Under UNCIP resolutions is to be given System of Governance as per Recommendations of the Report of Sirtaj Aziz Committee March 2017 headed by Sirtaj Aziz the than Advisor Foreign Affairs Government of Pakistan.

2. That till Maturation and implementation of Sirtaj Aziz committee report from the Parliament of Pakistan following steps must be taken in order to ensure the Concept of Local Authority enshrined in the UNCIP resolutions.

i. Executive Authority over the legislative list of the GB have already entrusted with the Government of Gilgit Baltistan therefore the executive authority over the Federal Legislative list(FLL)shall be entrusted to the Governor Gilgit Baltistan being the Representative of the Federation of Pakistan.

ii. Vacancy Sharing Formula in the Government of GB Should be on the Pattern of AJK.

iii. All laws, Rules and regulations with regards to maintain the Disputed Status enforced in AJK And JK shall be enforced in Gilgit Baltistan forthwith in order to maintain disputed status of Gilgit Baltistan.

3. The conference unanimously resolves and believe that the supreme court of Pakistan may issue directions to the Government of Pakistan for early implementation of the report of Sirtaj Aziz committee dated March 2017 and judgment of the Supreme court of Pakistan dated 28 May,1999 in order to meet the aspirations of the people of GB

4. Gilgit Baltistan council should be a legislative forum having power to legislate over the subject of FLL only, and subjects i.e power, tourism, mining, minerals and forest already transferred to GB assembly should be given protection. Moreover G.B Council consolidated fund should not be Restored.
5. That the proposed reforms package should be got vetted and passed through GB Assembly before its promulgation.
6. That the participants of the conference unanimously agreed to form a joint political Forum for achieving the objects of the Declaration.



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