Cream of the nation should behave rationally


By Shandana Humayoon

“Mera health minister terrorist”.

“Mera health minister dalal hy.

“Town thana ki police nay Qoum ki cream ki beizati krli”.

And so many such preposterous and sweeping statement I have been coming across while scrolling down on my timeline. Doctors no doubt are the top brain of the nation since they pass through numerous exams during the course of their studies, however the recent KTH episode has arrived me at a conclusion that despite having top notch of medical acumen doctors still lack a moral factor .They lack the factor of rationality that how to encounter crises without being resorted to combat.

The honorable health minister has lost the word “honorable” from his name because he has been exposed on various grounds .He not only lost the Honorable title but he also astrayed the prefix doctor from his name, anyways he is also doctor, he too lack morality .If he were from some other fraternity, he could probably not beat a venerated professor. Anyhow, let’s move to the MTI reforms, generally it is all about privatization of health sector. However, health is the basic democratic right of every individual .Recently a survey was conducted in the United States which according to Noam Chomsky,an MIT professor in his book disclosed an entirely different fact .According to the survey 95% American were not happy with the health system of America and they wanted Canadian system to be enacted in their country.

American aren’t happy really? It bewildered me .The world number one economy, having all time high per capita GDP still doesn’t want to be treated with their own money.

Now coming to Imran khan, Burki and their health wizards they want a failed system of the first world to be promulgated in a failed third world country .Would it work here?

Never, why don’t we doctor and public protest on it, why we bring and tilt the issue to make other controversies the bone of contention?



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