Breaking: Names of passengers died in Kohistan road accident


Gilgit – The Gilgit has been able to obtain list of passengers believed to be died in the tragic road accident at Kohistan late Sunday. The names are as follows:
1. Shifayat R/O Gupis (Army)
2. Syed Mueez and Two others total 3. R/O khalti Yaseen
3. Muhammad Azam’s family members 4, M. Azam was not travelling. R/O Gamees Gupis
4.Mastaan R/O Gupis (army) alongwith a lady. The lady is safe.
5. Aqeel khan R/O Gupis (student)
6. Muhamnad Jalal and two others R/O Chartoee. They averted the accident as they alighted a place short of the unfortunate place of accident.
Following 5 passangers from Yaseen
7-Fareeda from Dal sandee,
8-Mehraj from Gojalti, Army
9-Ali Ahmad from Karkulti, Army
10-Afsar Ali , army
11-A person from Karachi who was guest of Master Nazeer of central Yaseen.



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