PML-N agrees to Zardari’s remarks against govt


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) spokesperson Marriyam Aurangzeb has said the incumbent government consists of inexperienced and incapable people.

“A government that causes damage to the country is not right,” she said while talking to reporters outside the accountability court on Monday.

“Asif Zardari has spoken about the government’s incapability which is being agreed upon by the government’s allies as well,” she said, adding that the PML-N would consult among themselves and with the opposition before reaching any decision on the PPP co-chairman’s call to unite against the government.

The former information minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan “still imagines himself at the D-Chowk and has yet to arrive at the PM House”. He should use a container instead of the PM’s chair, she said while taking a jibe.

Marriyam vowed to raise her voice against the ‘incompetent’ government and the steps taken by the rulers against the interest of the country and the nation.

Responding to a question about Maryam Nawaz, she said no one can imagine what Maryam went through when she left her ailing mother on the death bed.

“She was in jail when her mother died,” said the PML-N spokesperson. “Her emotional and mental condition cannot be imagined. The whole family is suffering from an emotional trauma.”

She called it inappropriate to connect such matters with politics.  – The Express Tribune



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