Another cross-cultural wedding: 19 year old Maria ties knot with 23 year Mohsin in Lahore


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Cross-cultural weddings have seemingly been gaining momentum in Pakistan as yet another American woman found herself bewitched with a Pakistani man from Lahore after they connected online.

Nineteen-year-old Maria Angelo flew into Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Ravi vicinity to tie the knot with her beau 23-year-old Mohsin Ali whom she had met online a brief while ago.

According to reports, the pair had met on social media and after a brief friendly conversation, Mohsin had proposed to his Western ladylove and she had agreed.

Moreover, it was revealed that after landing in Pakistan, Maria had embraced Islam before her nuptials with Mohsin.

In a related love story that came afloat this month, a 41-year old American veterinarian named Helena had arrived in Sialkot to marry her 21-year-old boyfriend, Kashif from Sialkot. Their intercultural love story had garnered attention from social media users all around the country. – The News



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